Great Digital, or why this name?


It is no secret that finding a nice domain that is not yet taken isn’t easy. And being serious…

“Digital” is a must-have

It is not only a fashionable word, a trending topic, a buzzword and a popular #hashtag. Digital means using modern media and tools, more then just the Internet and Facebook. It also means a complete change in approach to candidates and employees. This will be the kind of actions which we will be providing HR teams with to help them keep up with candidates, who have long been digital.

Add “Great” to this

For several reasons. Reason one. Have you heard about Jim Collins’s book “From Good to Great”? I was never satisfied with doing  just a good job, I preferred to do everything  exceptionally well, simply great. And so it will be.

The second reason. I have long believed that the key to success is providing customers with great, out of the ordinary service. Actually, it’s not really a “service”, but an experience which you can offer to the customer. Everything that we will be doing will be “great”. No “good enough” solutions, no “everybody does it”, no pretending that it is enough to patch something up to make it last. We will not be patching things up, we will build solid solutions.

So, Great Digital!

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