Running a business without HR, Pipeline Summit conclusions.

Once again in the middle of May this year I have had the pleasure to attend Pipeline Summit conference targeted at … sales people. Why? The participants and speakers of Pipeline Summit are representatives of very innovative companies. Companies where the customer goes first, where sales are based on understanding and satisfying the real needs

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How does Slack and other startups hire employees, or notes from the Pipeline Summit

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Last week, I attended the third edition of the Pipeline Summit. This is a “first of it’s kind sales event”. Ok, so if it’s a sales event, then what does someone who works with HR on a daily basis do there? I love Pipeline Summit for at least a number of things.
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4 Methods for Increasing the Number of Good Candidates Responding to a Job Advertisement

good designPosting job advertisements online is a very common method for recruiting new employees. Did you know that there are simple methods for increasing the number of qualified candidates and that you can optimise the process? This will allow you to get much better results – with no change to the budget allocated to posting advertisements.
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4 ways to change candidate experiences in the recruitment process


In one of the entries here I wrote about experiences I gathered in 17 interviews and how they led me to sad conclusions on how candidates are being treated. Now, let’s say a few words about what we can do to easily change it.

For those to whom the argument that candidates should be treated with respect is not convincing, I present some additional support.

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How I was looking for a job, or 5 things which are still surprisingly strong in HR


A number of reasons made me put off writing this post. But instead of pointing them, I will better explain what made me finally decide to do it.

Firstly, for 10 years of my work in (the largest recruitment website in Poland) I would spend every day listening to opinions, expectations and pains of both sides of the recruitment process – candidates and employers. Still, when I started looking for a new job, every now and then I was completely stunned.

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