Analytics and Research

Examples of research and analysis:

1. Audit and optimization of recruitment processes

Do you know which of your recruitment channels are the most effective and why? Have you perfected each part of the process of acquiring candidates? We will check it and identify areas that need optimization.

What will you obtain through such study?
An analysis of effectiveness of used recruitment channels, and an analysis of particular stages of recruitment process. After the research, you will get a list of actions to be taken, written in the “start – stop – continue” mode (what you should start, stop or continue doing), and recommendations of specific changes that should be implemented. You do not know how to get data? We will tell you how to do it!

Why should you have such an audit conducted?
– you will find out which parts of your recruitment process may lower interest of candidates that are attractive to you, and why
– you will achieve better results while maintaining current level of recruitment budgets
– you will obtain clear instructions as to what changes you should introduce to increase amount of high-quality job applications

Optimization of recruitment processes guarantees effective use of recruitment budget.

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2. Candidate Experience Research
Do you know how candidates perceive your recruitment process? Do you think they would recommend your company to their friends? Do you know what your candidates and new employees consider to be your strong point and what they think you should improve? We will gather information on this and offer you solutions to your problems. As a result, candidates will evaluate communication with the company in which you are working better.

What will this research give you?

Information on how you are perceived by candidates and what you can improve in recruitment process. A set of practical tips on how to build a strong brand of employer of choice. Why invest in such a research?
– you will find out what candidates think about recruitment process in your company
– you will receive recommendations which will help you become a master of candidate experience
– you will eliminate elements that make candidates withdraw from recruitment process, acceptance of an offer or continuing working after trial period

46% of candidates change their attitude to a company which made on them negative impression during recruitment process*. Do not let that apply to your company!

* according to the study conducted by Candidate Experience, eRecruiter

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3. Employee engagement survey

What will you obtain?

Evaluation of employee satisfaction with process and system in your company. Identification of areas that require improvements or changes. A roadmap that will help you continuously strengthen motivation and commitment of your employees.

What can you gain?

– evaluating level of employee engagement
– identification of elements motivating and demotivating employees
– knowledge on how to introduce actions aimed at improving their level of engagement

According to Gallup research as much as 70% of employees are currently not fully committed to their work. This means that they do not use their potential at work! Companies with employees who are deeply involved in their activities are significantly more productive, achieve higher revenues, and have more satisfied customers. Do you know what is the actual level of engagement your employees represent?

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