Analytics, tools and campaigns for HR

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Analytics, tools and campaigns for HR

Analytics and Research

Are you wondering how to measure effects of soft HR? Do you want to support a declaration of a need to invest in a selected HR project with numbers and strong arguments? Do you want to implement analytical solutions that will allow you to plan personnel strategy appropriate to needs of business?

We will help you to face any kind of challenge in HR. We will develop analysis or research tailored to your needs, measure their effects and analyse results. On their basis we will advise you what further steps to take.

Tools and technologies

We know what tools and technologies are used by the leaders. We will help you to choose, implement and make good use of them.

We cooperate with suppliers of modern tools that can effectively support HR processes for which you are responsible. We will find a solution and experts in selected areas which are the best for you.

Employer branding and recruitment campaigns

Do you want to build an employer brand that is strong both outside and inside your company? Do you want to attract to your company appropriate candidates with desired skills and experience? Are you wondering how to promote a HR project or a program you are working on in your company? Or maybe you are thinking about building a solid brand of HR Department, which will allow you to pursue your goals even more effectively?

We are good at communication and employer branding. We use a variety of communication tools chosen for needs of a specific target group. We operate effectively and unconventionally.

For whom?

For you, if:

    • You want to increase the amount of high-quality applications for positions for which you are recruiting
    • You are responsible for employer branding activities inside and outside a company
    • You want to increase effectiveness of HR actions for which you are responsible
    • You need assistance in selecting measures for goals which you intend to achieve
    • You want to know how to evaluate and report results of your projects


    • You want to effectively communicate with candidates and employees in the digital era
    • You want to build a strong employer brand
    • You want to build a solid brand of your department
    • You need tips on how to develop a personnel strategy to support your business objectives, based on hard data


    • You do not know how to begin acquiring candidates
    • You are wondering how to reach to the best, how to attract them and recognise their value
    • How to communicate with candidates on the market in which they "deal the cards"

The team

who is going to work for you?
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Marta Pawlak-Dobrzańska

Founder and CEO

Great Digital team consists of consultants and project managers with several years of experience in the field of developing strategies, implementing and evaluating projects for HR teams.

Marta Pawlak-Dobrzańska – founder of Great Digital. A consultant with over 10 years of experience in managing projects in the field of marketing, e-marketing and IT on the largest recruitment website in Poland (, where for several years she was a leader of analytics and research teams, and was responsible for product development in the field of big data. Marketer, analyst and researcher. Enthusiast of HR Tech trends, fascinated by the possibilities that data gathered through social media creates in HR. An advocate of agile project management methodologies.

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Justyna Manikowska

Brand and Employer Branding Consultant

More than 10 years of experience in various areas of marketing. As a Brand Manager in the Grupa Pracuj was responsible for developing and implementing the strategy of positioning and communication for brand (the largest recruitment website in Poland) and image campaigns including ATL and BTL channels. She was also a co-author of employer branding strategy for Grupa Pracuj and activities that build the image of the employer (including events, conferences, job fairs, publications, presence at universities, competitions).

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Donata Wiatrowska

Employer Branding and Internal Communications Expert. HR Strategist and Engagement Manager.

Over 10 years of experience in PR, interactive agencies and Grupa Pracuj (the owner of She was responsible e.g. for the preparation of the strategy and implementation of activities in the field of building the employer brand and engaging work environment (communication with candidates - page Career, custom recruitment ads, EB campaigns, communication in social media, job fairs, recruitment materials, NPS survey among the candidates; communication with employees - corporate meetings, conducting corporate social network, custom internal campaigns, internal engagement survey among new employees, the Best Employers survey, etc.).


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